Tanks & Silos

Many structures such silos and water or oil storage tanks are cylindrical. The hydrostatic pressure from the stored grains or liquid produces hoop stresses in the side walls of these structures. The stresses are maximum at the base and gradually reduce along the height of the wall. Corrosion results in reduction in cross sectional area of reinforcement in concrete structures and reduction in wall thickness in steel structures. This compromises the hoop strength in these structures and remedial measures must be taken. Repair of steel tanks by welding additional steel sheets, for example, can be dangerous when the tank is used for storage of hazardous/flammable products.

Super laminates offer economical solutions for such applications. The sheets that can be as wide as 60 inches (1.5 m), and slightly longer than the circumference of the circular tank can be bonded as rings on the inner surface of these structures (Fig. 7). The laminates will be designed as primarily uniaxial products to provide significant strength in the hoop direction after installation. Continuity of the rings in the horizontal direction can be achieved by overlapping the ends of the rings. The super laminates used in the lower portions of the wall can be constructed with more layers of reinforcing fabrics; the thickness of the super laminate can be reduced for subsequent layers that are installed farther from the base of the tank or silo. Along the height of the wall, super laminates can be overlapped slightly to prevent any fluids stored in the tank from reaching the host structure.


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