Strengthening of Small Pipes

If the diameter of the pipe is small and human entry is not possible, the pipe can be repaired using a packer. Packers are cylindrical shaped frames that house a closed bladder on the outer surface. An appropriate length of super laminate can be cut and coated with an epoxy putty; the laminate is then wrapped around the packer and is held in that position with the aid of strings. The assembly is entered into the pipe through access ports and it is pulled to the desired location, with the help of closed circuit cameras. At that time, the packer is inflated allowing the super laminate to adhere to the host pipe. After a few minutes, the packer is deflated and removed from the pipe.

Additional pieces can be similarly installed with a small overlapping length to repair or strengthen a larger length of the pipe. The ability of super laminates to conform to the diameter of the pipe, i.e. ‘one size fits all,’ is a major time and money saving attribute of this system for contractors. Most of the current products on the market that can be used as liners to repair or strengthen pipes have a fixed diameter and cannot be applied to different size pipes. More information is available at:


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